Residential Rehabilitation Unit, Veterans Administration, Walla Walla, WA

This $5.5 million design-build project is a 22,000 s.f., wooden structure with brick facade, a TPO roof system, casework, storefront, HVAC system, drywall, sprinkler system, low voltage systems, various flooring’s and wall coverings. It is a LEED Silver project.

This project is a Veterans Administration, design-build contract for a 17,000 s.f.  residence and office-type, medical building. The building is a wood and brick structure with wood truss, shingle roof system. It includes a slab foundation, fire sprinkler system, standard plumbing and electrical systems, an electric HVAC system, casework, storefront, landscaping, paving, low voltage systems, vinyl tile, ceramic tile, sealed concrete, carpet, painted and fabric covered walls, a central nurse station with duress alarm. It features a waiting/entry area, offices, meeting rooms, resident rooms, a reception area, electrical room, fire sprinkler room, utility/storage areas, dining area and a full kitchen. It includes LEED Silver certification.